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Welcome to – your ultimate destination for CAD blocks of various structural steelwork shapes currently manufactured and supplied throughout Northern America! We proudly include all American Institute of Steel Construction shapes, using the latest database - Edition V14.1. Our steel shapes are conveniently measured in inches and provided in AutoCAD 2000 format. By utilizing our smart tables, you can effortlessly sort the shapes based on any property, swiftly download, and seamlessly insert them into your AutoCAD drawings.

Our extensive categories encompass a wide array of sections available from leading steelwork manufacturers. Our AutoCAD files are thoughtfully curated to be free of unnecessary layers, text styles, or any other clutter, ensuring a streamlined experience. The best part is, we don't require your email address, nor do we impose any registration process. You can immediately access and download all 1386 steel CAD blocks for absolutely free!

Efficiency in workflow is crucial when dealing with currently manufactured structural steelwork shapes. By utilizing our platform, you can increase productivity and enhance the quality of your work with minimal effort. If your drawings call for North American steelwork specifications, look no further – you'll find the perfect CAD block here!

For your convenience, we now offer the option to download all CAD data from our website in one easy-to-use zip file. Additionally, our data is available for purchase as AutoCAD Design Center files or individual AutoCAD files. Simply visit our Shop for more information on these options!

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